Guideposts: Melissa’s Frugal Tips for Entertaining

“Don’t think it has to be expensive to make people feel special.”

“The most important thing that you are serving at your party is YOU!”

In this video for Guideposts, Melissa proves that entertaining doesn’t have to be expensive – you can be frugal, but still fabulous! She offers tips, tricks, and strategies to “wow” your guests (and leave them full and satisfied!) without breaking the bank.  Her tips include:

  • Taking a cue from the buffet masters of the world and placing the cheaper items at the beginning of the buffet – so guests fill their plate with these and have less room for the pricier items at the end of the table.
  • Adding an inexpensive protein like versatile and creamy white beans to appetizers (try the White Bean Tapenade Crostini or California-Style Bruscetta recipes in Melissa’s cookbook), so guests are already a little full when it’s time to serve the more expensive entrée.
  • Splurging on a small quantity of a high-end ingredient will add an elegant touch to a familiar recipe and leave guests feeling spoiled without breaking the bank. Try Melissa’s Bacon Deviled Eggs with Tuna Tartare – just one of the appetizer recipes featured in her cookbook.
  • Don’t overlook humble, simple pantry ingredients like the potato. Melissa’s famous Potato Bacon Torte was a favorite dish among the world’s top chefs when Melissa made it on The Next Food Network Star and it’s just as popular with her family and friends.
  • And, find out a unique way to make the most out of that leftover wine.

Find out more in the full video below.