U.S. News and World Report: “Eating Healthy on a Budget Starts at the Grocery Store”

For the twenty-something on his or her own for the first time, the single parent feeding a few kids on just one salary, or anyone living on a budget, Melissa debunks the myth that eating nutritiously isn’t affordable. In fact, she says, “it’s almost the opposite.”

In this article, Melissa offers up tips to get the most nutritional bang for your buck by expertly navigating the grocery store. The savings start before even getting to the store – begin by planning out exactly what is needed and keep an eye out for coupons! Once at the store, the produce isle is the perfect place to start– it’s chock full of nutrients and opportunities for saving. For example, when craving some crunchy potato chips, spend just 29 cents per pound on potatoes and make your own healthy chips, rather than spending up to 4 dollars for a heavily processed, 8oz bag of ready-to-eat chips.  As you work your way through the store, don’t be tempted by “instant” food or frozen meals. Spend a little extra time making the meals yourself (which you can then freeze, by the way) and save the money you don’t spend on “easy-way-out” meals.

To read more about Melissa’s grocery store tips including how the size of your grocery cart can effect what you buy, and a more nutritional swap-out for the college-staple Ramen Noodles, read the full article here.