DASH Magazine: Back-to-School

In this DASH Magazine featureMelissa reflects on last year’s back-to-school shopping experience with her four daughters – a last minute, overwhelming, and chaotic endeavor. But, she shares lessons learned, great advice she and her husband received, and five simple tips to make back-to-school experience extra special for both parents and kids.

Here’s and excerpt from the story:

“Watching the girls delight in this coming-of-age ritual reminded me that back-to-school time is not just a date on the calendar. For kids, it’s like New Year’s Day, a chance to reinvent themselves. (“This year, I want to be great in math!” my 7-year-old announced.) It’s their opportunity to hit the restart button. And that begins with fresh backpacks, more grown-up shoes (goodbye, Velcro), and cool new lunch boxes. Why had I dreaded this?”

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Melissa’s daughters ready for the new school year.