DASH Magazine: Substitutes For Chicken Nuggets

In this month’s “Ask Melissa” column of DASH Magazine, a reader says: “My daughter only wants to eat chicken nuggets. Help!”

Her answer: Picky eating is a complex issue. Meet your daughter halfway by using what I call transitional recipes to introduce more adult fare. Get her to fall in love with your own version of a chicken nugget (don’t worry about making it healthy; deep-fry it if you have to). Once she likes homemade nuggets tweak them: Make a healthier baked version, pound a chicken breast into a paillard and try it Milanese style, or swap out chicken and make baked fish sticks. Slowly, you will expand the protein options your little one will eat.

Then, over at DashRecipes.com, Melissa shares more picky eaters strategies, tips, videos, and photos from her web series, “The Picky Eaters Project.”

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