DASH Magazine: Taking Pizza Out For A Backyard Spin

In this month’s “Ask Melissa” column of DASH Magazine, a reader asks: “What’s an inexpensive dish to cook on the grill?”

Her answer: My family loves a backyard barbecue pizza night! The grill gently chars the crust, and you can even make individual pies with customized toppings (have them prepped and at the ready before you begin!). Start by cleaning your grill with a wire brush, then lightly coating grates with vegetable oil. Slide rolled-out, lightly oiled dough onto the grill and cook until it begins to puff, then flip using tongs. Working quickly, add prepared toppings, close the lid, and cook until cheese is melted, about 2 more minutes. For something different, try making my Mixed Mushroom Pizza or my Tomato Salad–Topped Pizza.

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Ben Fink