DASH Magazine: Travel-Savvy Healthy Eats

In this month’s “Ask Melissa” column of DASH Magazine, a reader asks: “Any advice for eating healthy on the road?”

Her answer: I don’t like to count on finding the right foods on the road—instead I travel with my own fuel! I like nuts (especially raw almonds) because they’re filling, and you can use them to liven up a plain green salad or fruit cup. I also usually carry chia seeds, which I mix with yogurt or milk to make a chia pudding. If you’re in a pinch, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit or vegetables—even if the offerings are lackluster, it’s still a good source of energy. But as a backup, I travel with an apple or orange at the bottom of my handbag. (Just stay away from pears, bananas and other soft fruits—trust me!)

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Raw Almonds