Feeding Souls: My Challenge for You This Week

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Feeding Souls: My Challenge for You This Week  (click the title to read the blog!)

“Food nourishes both body and soul, which is why a shared meal comforts when we grieve, celebrates when we are joyful and is the catalyst for getting acquainted (think how many marriages began with a dinner date). Food connects us. Why not connect with someone this week? We all want to know we matter to someone. Consider making someone feel special on an ordinary day.”
The “Cook Once, Eat Twice” idea takes on new meaning in this blog post. Instead of freezing the second half of your meal, why not give the other half to someone whose day could use a lift? Don’t wait for a big event or the night when you are making an extra fancy meal, try it this week with whatever is on your family’s menu. Anything will work from traditional sharing dishes like my lasagna or long-lasting cold quinoa salad. You could also do what I did last week:  load up baking trays with veggies, potatoes and chicken, and roast up an easy meal to share.

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