It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I Live Tweeted My Mammogram

So many of us have a doctor’s appointment that we need to make — the one that lurks in the back of our minds, taking up space, yet apparently not enough to get us actually to pick up the phone and make the two minute call. For me, that lurking appointment is for my annual mammogram. “I’m so busy” or “I am traveling so much for work” are the excuses I can talk myself into using instead of just…picking up that phone. Last year, I had the idea to track how much time it actually would take me, in total, to get a mammogram. I included the time to schedule the appointment, the travel time, the time in the waiting room, and of course, the mammogram itself. The answer: less time than it takes me to watch one episode of House of Cards. To prove it, I started live-tweeting my mammogram. Yes, I bring my trusty phone along with me and send out a tweet every step of the way — from the minute I leave my house, to the moment I am back at home. Please take a minute (you can add this to your grand time total) to see exactly how long it took me to get my mammogram. And 6 short days later, I had my “all-clear” letter. Wouldn’t you feel great having an all-clear letter in your hands this time next week? Call. Stop putting off whatever doctor’s appointment you need to make — from getting that mole checked to your dental check up to getting that mammogram.