DASH Magazine: Tea Time!

In this DASH Magazine feature, Melissa shares the story of her annual Mother-Daughter Holiday Tea, a tradition her mother started over 30 years ago and one that Melissa carries on today with her four daughters and their friends. As Melissa’s 8th Mother-Daughter Holiday Tea as a mom herself approaches, she shares six simple party preparation strategies to ensure an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone (including you!), advice based on wisdom passed on from her grandmother: “It’s a party, not a performance.” Plus, over on the website, Melissa provides great ideas for an express menu, DIY decor, and kids’ crafts zone.

Here is an except from the story:

“My first memory of cooking is baking cookies with my mom when I was 5. Despite a very tight budget, we wanted to throw a holiday party. So my mom, my sister, and I made simple sugar cookies and invited a small group of our best girlfriends into our tiny home. We nibbled on cookies, drank hot chocolate made from powdered mix, and sang carols around our dilapidated piano. It wasn’t fancy, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was our joy in celebrating the season with friends.”

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A photo from Melissa’s 2010 Mother-Daughter Tea.