DASH Magazine: Delicious (and Cheap!) Ideas for Dried Beans

In this month’s “Ask Melissa” column of DASH Magazine, a reader wants to know: What’s an easy way to prepare dried beans?

Her answer: Dried beans are a great staple (and cheaper than canned!): It’s easy to prepare them in a slow cooker or on the stove top to use right away or freeze. And now, some tasty ideas! Mash cooked beans with barbecue sauce to make veggie burgers; toss them into your favorite pasta; blend with lemon juice and cumin to make hummus; sauté with aromatics and serve with grilled chicken; or make my black bean brownies!

Then, Melissa shares both step-by-step cooking options as well as links to lots of simple and delicious recipe ideas including burgers, pasta, hummus, smoothies, guacamole, and even brownies. Get the tips and recipes here.

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